Follow your inner voice – #theSoundinyou

The goal of the initiatives is to make people listen to their inner voice, to follow it, and to experience a creative exchange. 

We must change perspectives

The awareness of every single individual is of great importance to all our surroundings. When we live in a community, we can share our experiences. And sharing means growth – not loss. This crucial change of perspective will significantly alter how we deal with the world.

We can free ourselves from a world in which we are always trying to “settle” things. This world doesn’t have to be in the far-off future. It’s right in front of us. Each and every moment, it is our decision what we want to express. Simply to give. To give ourselves. Is there anything we can to give ourselves and the world that’s more significant?

The Project Stranger initiatives allow space for unobstructed authenticity. Many initiatives have an experimental approach. That should help us to break down old thought patterns.

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