He set out on a quest in search of answers. Following his inner sound of music he realized there is no need for questions. Now encouraging the world to follow. To listen, to trust, to learn.

His first quest takes him and his piano to namib. A place of perceptionably nothing – to open space for answers.

40 days in the Namib desert. Composing music – free and accessible for everyone.

The result is a symphony – now  about go on a journey. Connecting and touching people – as only music can!

It does not take a single person – not a single face – but a community.

Join him on this path. Because his journey has just begun …..

Day 40

Knowledge grows along with the ability to love. Without my children I would still be lost between guidelines, autosuggestions, and never-ending attempts to explain life. But never will we be able to explain life. That is like asking the element of fire what heat is. We are life, inexplicable and mysterious.

Lets keep wandering this great mystery together, knowing that there is no end in eternity. Only limits we can expand within ourselves. That is what I am looking forward to every day once I will be back where my home is.

What remains is a piece of music, freely accessible to anyone. For everything begins from listening closely to oneself and feeling oneself deeply. The quest can begin.

Day 39

Today at noon it is finally done. I finally lay out the last stone… after 39 days.

After tomorrow’s finale I will be leaving this wonderful country after 40 days. All traces here will be blurred. All that will remain is the notation in the desert.

Day 38

I had been so full of expectations yesterday and was incredibly disappointed that simply nothing new was coming… just empty. And since I had gone to the limits of my mind here, the crying just burst out of me.

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Day 37

Letting go means giving room to blooming, giving vent to growth, listening to one’s inner silence, and understanding that without silence there is no “listening”.

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Day 36

I do not like the word “classical” when it comes to music. And the distinction between “serious” and “not serious“ is also far-fetched, since Chopin and Mozart wanted to make people happy just as well.

Music based on complex harmonies. Maybe that is the best way of putting it.

Day 35

I discovered a snake today when I was laying down the final stone of a pile. I froze, adrenalin rushing through my veins.

“Brother snake, all I want to do is bring some beauty to this place, not the death of either of us. I will withdraw and both of us will continue to live.”

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Day 34

Today I managed to haul and place stones for almost 5 hours. The field is starting to take shape already now and when looking down at it from the black mountain I can grasp the dimensions already…

Day 33

Loneliness is proliferating more and more. I would not have guessed I would be sitting in my bed crying again. But behind our horizons an unknown land begins for every one of us. No, I will not back off. I will walk on.

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Day 32

Musically and physically speaking I am running on empty… I walked endlessly… across the wide dunes. There are so many things here I would love to share with somebody… I hope I will return here with this somebody eventually.

Day 31

I made good progress today. Finally the musical motifs came gushing out again. Today was a beautiful day. I now know more and more why I am here at all:

When following the calling within, we will always be carried. We cannot understand life because we are life. Enjoy every moment of this wonderful spectacle. You are the director, the audience, as well as the critic and the teller of the story.

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Day 30

I love life, and life loves me! I managed to pick up so much for myself and also for my music here. Today in the morning, on my way to the cube, I had a moment in which for a short time I realized that the secret of the fractals, that is the musical motifs, can be that they could be performed as a piano version, a symphonic version AND a musical version.

I thought then they would be truly timeless fractals. At that very moment the sun appeared in the dark cloud cover for a few seconds, and a rich sun beam shone directly in front of my feet… After a brief “thank you“ the cloud cover was closed again, but everything had been said.

Day 29

Today in the morning I hauled stones in the pouring rain for two hours… I was at my personal limit.. At some point I almost cried laying on the ground in the rain and crawled back to my hut… and whom do I meet? My friend Summer – the jackal! He then accompanied me to the hut before disappearing again.. I opened the door for him… But apparently that was still too much for him…

As I mentioned earlier the last rain fell 8 years ago, BUT: That it will not stop raining and there are hurricane-like gusts probably nobody can remember. And for exactly that reason the desert is wonderful right now: The beige turned into a rich terracotta thanks to the water and in just one night lichens grew, germs sprouted, blades of grass 5 cm tall grew.. Even actual leaves like in lakes under water lilies – unbelievable.

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Day 28

Everything around me boasts, and in me there is a sound of silence that takes away all my fear.

There is a home within me, for a me that has become utterly defenseless. There simply remains a trust in something, in me, outside of me, everywhere, protecting me and silently showing the way I am allowed to walk.

Day 27

Dark clouds are rolling in from all sides. Shortly after: thunderstorms. Rain keeps pouring down and I am surrounded by black.
What’s so special about it: it hasn’t rained in 8 years… not one drop!

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Day 26

Winter is coming: by now it is bitterly cold once the sun sets.Where last week one would have died of thirst at noon in the desert, now one would freeze to death at night without proper clothing.

Day 25

Each tonality has its own character. F, for example, is nature, but also the mother-tonality. When standing next to a river, if you want to sing something, you will sing in F after a while…

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Day 24

A long day is coming to an end. The sky is so clear today that, for the first time in my life, I can see saturn – the red planet – with the naked eye.

Day 23

The motives for this symphony are like a time travel through my musical notations of the past years. Memories of encounter, loneliness, touch and simply listening to the sound in me – that’s how the fractals are created.

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Day 22

The loneliness is becoming more and more intense. That’s why I focus ever more on the music: diving in, escaping…

Day 21

There are many ways, to experience the world. The one I am currently taking all by myself is called gnostic way.

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Day 20

Listen to yourselves closely, to find out what is calling within you… if you follow that, you will follow your soul purpose. And if you follow this purpose, you will always be safe.

Day 19

Self-learning leads me on a path of intensive inner experiences and an “inner dialogue”, in complete silence. For outsiders, not much seems to be going on then, but on the inside one wanders through entire worlds…

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Day 18

I started learning to play piano when I was nine years old. It was my great love, my passion, my entire world. Then, at age 15– overnight – my world had changed. I turned my back on the piano… But this passion remained.

Day 17

I am utterly exhausted… just laying in bed apathetically all day and was happy to fall asleep at some point.

My mood: Unsatisfied, weak, emaciated. Another three weeks is how long I plan to still hold out. Right now that seems like an eternity to me.

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Day 16

Meditation – in der Wüste zum Sonnenaufgang – das ist ganz groß.

Dadurch, dass das Gedankenmeer in der Einsamkeit so gering ist, falle ich ganz schnell durch dieses Meer hindurch. Wenn ich dann auftauche und über eine Sanddüne herabblicke, ist es wie auf einem fremden Planeten… ich benötige manchmal mehrere Sekunden, um zu realisieren wo ich bin.

Day 15

More and more I am becoming one with nature. Here in the desert one actually enjoys how the moon rises, it is tremendously beautiful… a yellow disc quickly rising in the darkness.

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Day 14

There are things in this world
That cannot be bought.
Is it not a strange world,
Where giving something for free
Is such a precious good.

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Day 13

Despite my preparations and everything I got done yesterday I was not pleased with my play in the evening… Did I want too much?

It is always difficult to keep on going after a personal high point. I will spend today repeating yesterday’s melodies. And tomorrow, too, I will play only these motifs.

Das heutige Video findet ihr hier…

Day 12

Today the writing will have to wait. The music is practically gushing out of me.. I cannot even count the new melodies yet, because they are interwoven so very nicely…

Day 11

I discovered something. The ever-reoccurring motif in fractal 11 in the various pitches allows for endless fluctuation.

It is called Wheel of Fortune because that motif is always a sort of retrospect… in various emotions.. from sad to joyous to peaceful…

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Day 10

All the playing is having a positive effect on the piano, the dust comes falling out of the gaps, it is slowly freeing up again.

Just like I am feeling more and more free. But over the last few days I realized that, while at some point I had learned being alone, I do not enjoy being alone.

At some point in my life I turned into a lone wolf… I forgot when and for what reason.

Day 9

Writing provides me with a form of communication and closeness, that I am starting to miss out here.

Today I played the piano freely for three hours and found a new, really intense theme in the process. After one hour I was drowning in sweat. I undressed and played completely naked.

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Day 8

I am not having a good day today. There is so much dust inside the cube that a gentle pianissimo has already become impossible, meaning that I always have to play a little louder than I’d want to. That works only to a limited extent since everything simply ends up being too loud like that.


Day 7

Today I did not play but took a day “off”. Freeing my head from the melodies of the past days so new ones may arise…

All I did was haul stones, endlessly. It’s my meditation. Doing that, I no longer apprehend any thoughts…

Day 6

The symphony is starting to take shape… But I am starting to struggle with loneliness.

Whenever there is a difficult moment, my thoughts immediately wander off to my children at home. They are my greatest treasure and my light in every difficult moment. There is nothing I miss from home – just them.

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Day 5

Day and night I endure out here. The nights are particularly thrilling. I was worried for my life. Hyenas. Their howling reminds me of the panicky scream of a child. Creepy. And they were coming closer and closer.


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Day 4

I am glad not to play every day. I want to take my time to feel the desert. At 40 centigrade in the sun. It is not even ten in the morning.

Could I shape the desert, too?… I have been hauling stone after stone for an hour. The stones will form a huge “drawing” – across the desert with a diameter of more than a hundred meters! – completed for the finale on day 40!

You can feel, listen and download my music on Soundcloud.
It is free – out of borders – for everyone

Day 3

I am finding myself more and more. Me, nature, and the piano.

The next camp is ten kilometers beeline away, I have no radio communication and no connection… In case of emergency it would take me more than five hours of walking through the desert to get there.

You can feel, listen and download my music on Soundcloud.
It is free – out of borders – for everyone

Day 2

The motifs for the symphony are taking shape. I think it is the starry sky and the infinite vastness of the desert that is taking me away to other worlds. Like in a dream…

“Learn to dream, to seek the unknown. A man’s reach should exceed his grasp.”

You can feel, listen and download my music on Soundcloud.
It is free – out of borders – for everyone

Day 1

I am living my calling. On my own. For 40 days. Allowing the force of nature to imbue me.

Everything begins with listening closely to oneself, feeling oneself deeply: I cannot describe it yet. Just play it, create a piece of music – freely accessible to anyone.

You can feel, listen and download my music on Soundcloud.
It is free – out of borders – for everyone

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The quest is about to start

Soon I am starting my quest – with my piano and music in my heart. My destination: the desert of Namibia.

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Quest Nr. 1: HeStranger in Namib

His first quest takes him and his piano to Namib, one of the most remote places on earth. Inspired only by nature and this seemingly hostile environment he is creating the fractals – the pieces of this epic composition. To find answers where there were no questions asked.

Through music, HeStranger is telling his story to the world, encouraging creators around the globe to be part of this unique moment.

Hence you can not only listen to the fractals of the symphony on SoundCloud, but also download them: Get inspired, build them into your own work – whether this might be a film, music piece or another piece of art. It can be a seed, a part of the whole. Everything and nothing!

Here is the channel on SoundCloud, where the fractals are published.


Quest Nr. 2: Mankind – the desert symphony

The fractals build to a symphony. Brought on stage with musicians from all over the world. Connecting people. On a place with history and soul in Summer 2019. Stay tuned for more. Coming soon!

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