He set out on a quest in search of answers. Following his inner sound of music he realized there is no need for questions. Now encouraging the world to follow. To listen, to trust, to learn.

His first quest takes him and his piano to namib. A place of perceptionably nothing – to open space for answers.

The quest is about to start

Soon I am starting my quest – with my piano and music in my heart. My destination: the desert of Namibia.

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Quest Nr. 1: HeStranger in Namib

His first quest takes him and his piano to Namib, one of the most remote places on earth. Inspired only by nature and this seemingly hostile environment he is creating the fractals – the pieces of this epic composition. To find answers where there were no questions asked.

Through music, HeStranger is telling his story to the world, encouraging creators around the globe to be part of this unique moment.

Hence you can not only listen to the fractals of the symphony on SoundCloud, but also download them: Get inspired, build them into your own work – whether this might be a film, music piece or another piece of art. It can be a seed, a part of the whole. Everything and nothing!

Here is the channel on SoundCloud, where the fractals are published.

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A piano in the desert

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Hightex Membrane

Membrane Architecture is our passion. Like any serious artist, who never ceases from striving for perfection, we make exciting experiences in planning and execution of every project – regardless of the nature of the structure – be it a gigantic venue or a fascinating art work. This is where we draw our motivation to be creative, precise and innovative on. Well-known examples include the landmark of Dubai – the Façade of the Burj al Arab resembling a sail, the huge retractable roof covering Wimbledon’s Centre Court, “Marsyas” by Anish Kapoor – the largest membrane sculpture ever crafted and not least the stadium roofs of Berlin, Maracana and, currently under construction, the roof, façade and interior liners of the largest Bedouin tent on earth: 60.000-seat Al Bayt Stadium for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

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