In spring 2018, 24 piano recordings – I call them fractals – came to life on a grand piano in a transparent membrane cube. For 40 days in total isolation in central Africa’s Namib Desert, the oldest desert in the world.

The music of the desert

You can get your first insight into the Desert Symphony here

They were recorded on microphones permanently installed in the cube in the desert, and they were published on social media along with video footage. In fall 2019, these 24 fractals will be released as a piano album.

In California studies, in the summer and fall of 2018, I worked together with film composer David Bertok, to turn these desert fractals into the Desert Symphony mankind.

My Desert Symphony “mankind”

The symphony is composed for a classical orchestra, and is the first of six works inspired by the fractals. It lasts approximately 65 minutes and consists of four movements: Departure – Rise – Fall – Awakening.

The orchestral version of mankind was first recorded in January 2019, by musicians from the Slovak Philharmonic, conducted by Vladimir Matinka in the concert hall of the Slovak Radio Building in Bratislava, Slovakia. In May 2019, it first became available at a CD release event at Munich’s Gloria Palace.

The premiere will take place on May 24, 2020 in the Alte Kongresshalle in Munich. You can purchase tickets here.

Together with an additional initiative, cube³ This second initiative will see – alongside the symphony – the third of the three albums born of the fractals come to life: a piano concept album “the 22 Arcana”.

Join me and my music on a journey

A few months later, in 2020, mankind will tour across various European countries in the direction of Africa – in the form of a musical caravan with volunteer musicians.

You can join us and fulfill your dream of being part of a traveling orchestra.

The symphonic version of mankind is part of a series of six musical works, which will be published over the next few years. Alongside the symphony and piano album, there will also be a piano concert, a violin concert and a musical. All of the works are based on motifs of the fractals created in the Namib Desert. Parts of it will also be released as single albums – together with stunning photos from the desert.

All six works will be released on CD. The individual cover images (both front and back) will have a sense of unity: When placed together, the photographic work “Stranger – picture” will appear.

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