I, Stranger, first appeared in the Namib Desert of Africa in 2018: with my first initiative, in which I composed the fractals, that would later become the desert symphony. Twelve years later – after one final initiative in the ice desert, under eternal light of the north, and one last night in Capetown – I will leave you on a ship headed for the South Pole.

Project Stranger consists of multiple musical initiatives, some of which involve transparent membrane cubes, each containing a piano. The “light” initiatives will take place over the course of my 12-year journey in the desert, the rain forest, under water and on ice, each lasting 40 days.

I call these four bright initiatives “light” initiatives. They deal with the basic human socializations, I alone (40.1), US (40.2), YOU (40.3), and once again I alone (40.4) following the encounter between YOU and US. Following the first initiative in spring 2018, 40.1, the desert symphony “mankind” was born.

In amongst the light initiatives, over the twelve years, there are also three initiatives that explore our darker side: destruction, projection and identification.

In different countries across the globe, we also create various art installations in public places, theater productions and concert tours with international musicians who volunteer their time.

At every initiative, I compose music, free of all conventions. I hope each time to break at least one rule, because breaking rules is pivotal for change and growth: At 40.1, we declined any intellectual property rights.

The Journey

The Trailer for the Stranger’s Journey

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