My call began with music, the universal language that lives in all of us.

One day, after a near death experience, I realized that I could hear melodies in everything that “opened” itself to me. Beyond the surface noise of the bubbling brook or the speaking of my interlocutor, this nature, these people had sounds that I could hear.

They wove around each other. I waited and collected these sounds – absorbing everything. I let it mature and change. I deliberately chose not to write anything down, instead giving myself the space, the freedom to “forget” or to transform. I resisted any temptation to give these sounds a form that was known to the memory of my ego.

I had to learn to trust myself

Time passed and the space inside me filled up. My greatest challenge was to trust. Years passed, and I learned to understand doubt and could let it go.

Twenty years had passed by the time I gave up searching for the form that could encompass all the sounds that had grown in me. I simply gave up, and waited for unhappiness, and to think in disappointment: “I’ve heard so much in these 20 years and have done nothing with it.”

I seemed almost to be drowning in music

But then something different happened. In just a few days, the music flowed out of, as if a dam had broken, and could not be held back. I seemed to be drowning in music and was sometimes truly afraid I might go insane.

Suddenly I was sitting in front of a piano, listening to myself “drown”. Something was playing through me – for hours – and gifted to me the image of the 1st initiative: a luminous cube in the desert, 40 days – me and my piano together. The journey began.

How the location for the cube was discovered

It took another three years to ultimately find the location for the first initiative. I traveled across the deserts of the world, tried to find people willing to help me. And one day, my oldest and most important companion and I found ourselves standing on a dune in the Namib Desert. Our view stretched all the way to the far off horizon, before it a mountain made of pure volcanic rock and the desert plain. And nothing else, as far as the eye could see. We sobbed quietly – and had arrived.

It took us almost another year to “discover” the exact location in this desert plain:a sandstorm showed us the place, which was aligned perfectly with the stars.

The desert was just the beginning of my journey

There, over the course of 40 days and nights, my entire twelve year journey unfolded before me. With each hour that passed, my thoughts effortlessly unraveled the next initiatives – out of the nothingness around me – right up to the moment at the end of the twelve years. I was already crying the tears I will shed in farewell. Yet I could sense that there was something waiting beyond, something that not even music could capture.

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