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HE STRANGER – It is about you!

He set off in search of answers. The music in him showed him that there is no question about it. Now he calls the world to follow him. Listen, trust, learn. His first journey takes him and his wing to Namib. A place of apparent emptiness – to make room for answers. 40 days alone in the Namib Desert. Composing music – free and accessible for everyone. The result is a symphony, which is now to go on the journey. Connecting and touching people – as only music can! It does not take a single person – not a single face – but a community. Join him on this path. Because the journey has just begun … ..

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Music is for everyone

Music connects people and should be open to everyone. That’s why we will give 1/3 of the tickets for the premiere of the Desert Symphony to people, who don’t have a chance to take part in events like these, because music is for everyone!

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“I am deeply moved and grateful. I think it’s fantastic that someone had the courage to do something like this!”

Marion Kuhlmeier

“Experiencing it: the images, the sound, in a wonderful cinema. It was breathtaking!”

David Bertok, Composer

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You can become part of Project Stranger, and live out your dreams. We are looking for people willing to volunteer their time to help us with our next initiatives, and to feel and follow #theSoundinyou with us.

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