My face is not visible because music has no face – it just exists – in us – and wants to get out into the world.

My creations speak for me and you can access them on SoundCloud. You can listen, share, or make it your own. Create something with it, something you feel you must. Perhaps you want to share your creation with me?

Let yourself be inspired – Take it, create it, share it

Listen to my music from the desert

Let yourself be inspired, use the music in your own creative work – whether it be film, a piece of music, or some other creation. There is no intellectual ownership. I relinquish all rights to the music – even the music that courses through me.

Because who can say where I was inspired by whom? Who can say that of themselves? Every human creation is only possible through an everlasting flow of encounters. Every single intellectual impulse is born of this. 

Who can give me intellectual property rights? If someone gives you rights, it is as if he is giving you a glass of water from the sea. You hold tight to your glass, forgetting that you stand before the boundless invitation of the sea.

Do rights not bring with them obligations that desensitize us to true responsibility? Do rights not create borders, which make us forget that respect does not grow from superficial markers? Do rights not make us blind to true freedom?

Who would not agree that responsibility and respect are crucial states of mind, in particular now that the “great spiritual struggle” is beginning in us all. Because they necessitate courage. And we can find that. It starts with listening to and feeling yourself. That is where you will find this courage.

Music can plant a seed, a part of the whole. Because as a universal language it connects us – without words or face. And an encounter takes shape, one in which we can learn real responsibility and respect.

Join me on this journey and feel the #SoundinYou – Listen. Trust. Learn.   

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