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Hightex Membrane

Membrane construction is our passion. Just as every serious artist never ceases to strive for perfection, each and every one of our membrane projects, whether it be the roof or the façade of a huge functional building or a fascinating work of art, makes new and exciting planning experiences and execution.

From this we derive our motivation to be creative, precise and innovative. Well-known examples of this are the landmark of Dubai – the sail-like façade of the Burj al Arab, the huge sunroof over the center court of Wimbledon, the largest membrane sculpture in the world “Marsyas” by Anish Kapoor and last but not least the city roofs of Berlin, Maracana and currently in the Build the roof, facade and interior of the world’s largest Bedouin tent: Al Bayt Stadium in Qatar with 60,000 seats for the FIFA World Cup 2022.

The transparent cube for HeStranger is made of a novel material that has never been used before. He had to stand up to the demands of the desert, be transparent, allow sound and protect the precious instrument from heat, wind and cold.


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