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The desert symphony “mankind” from Stranger:

“There are things on this earth
nobody can buy them.
Isn’t it a strange world
in which free giving
is such a precious commodity.
In my dreams
I experience in the midst of majestic
desert landscapes
the force that pervades us all
as working into me
into world inspiration.

The history of the desert symphony

Individual actions are lined up in a multi-year trip as part of an overall expression. Almost every action has a cube (3 x 3 x 3 meters) in the center and a wing inside.

They deal with the basic human socializations I alone (“40.1”) – WE (“40.2”) – YOU (“40.3”) and again I alone AFTER the encounters with WE and YOU.

40.1: (spring 2018):
The cube stands in the Namib Desert for 40 days. Stranger appears there daily in the morning and at night. There he plays other “fractals” (name of the stranger) on the grand piano every day, so a total of 24 fractals are created during the stay in the desert. In the morning after the impressions of night dreams, in the night after the impressions of the day. In the meantime, Stranger can be seen meditating and working on stones in the desert, since the action space was transferred to the Internet from several cameras; Stranger himself remained isolated.

About this CD
The desert symphony “mankind” is part of a cycle of 6 works that will be published within the next few years.
All works have in common that they are formed from motifs, the “fractals” created in the Namib desert. So it is a matter of changing interpretations of form from the same material.
Desert symphony “symphony of mankind”

The present work is a symphony with classical orchestral instrumentation in 4 movements. Departure, ascent, fall and awakening. The symphonic poem processes the cycles of personal history with the cultural processes of our kind in “mankind”

Recorded with the Bratislava Symphonic Orchestra
Arranger: David Bertok
Conductor: Vladimir Martinka
Technical director: Martin Roller
Recorded in Hall 1 of the Solvakische Rundfunk Bratislava



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