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The project is made up of multiple musical initiatives. At every initiative I, Stranger, compose music, free of all conventions. I hope each time to break at least one rule, because breaking rules is pivotal for change and growth.

Do you want to join me on my journey?

Being part of the project means freely feeling and following #theSoundinyou together, and creating music. The goal of the initiatives is to make people listen to their inner voice, to follow it, and to experience a creative exchange. Do you want to be part of it? You can currently participate in the following initiatives.

Play at the premiere of the Desert Symphony “mankind”

We are looking for orchestral support for the premiere of the Desert Symphony on May 24 in Munich

Join me on a musical caravan

A few months after the world premier, the desert symphony is going on tour – it will take the form of a musical caravan with volunteer musicians traveling across various European countries in the direction of Africa. We are looking for musicians to accompany us in the caravan.

Send your old instrument on a journey

Do you have an old, used instrument that you no longer need? You can send it on a musical journey across Europe with us.

About Stranger and the Project

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