Who am I? Where do I want to go? What do I want to achieve?


I, Stranger, first appeared in the Namib Desert of Africa in 2018: with my first initiative, in which I composed the fractals, that would later become the desert symphony. Twelve years later – after one final initiative in the ice desert, under eternal light of the north, and one last night in Capetown – I will leave you on a ship headed for the South Pole.


My face is not visible because music has no face – it just exists – in us – and wants to get out into the world.

My creations speak for me and you can access them on Soundcloud. You can listen, share, or make it your own. Create something with it, something you feel you must. Perhaps you want to share your creation with me?


The goal of the initiatives is to make people listen to their inner voice, to follow it, and to experience a creative exchange.

The awareness of every single individual is of great importance to all our surroundings. When we live in a community, we can share our experiences. And sharing means growth – not loss. This crucial change of perspective will significantly alter how we deal with the world.


My call began with music, the universal language that lives in all of us.

One day, after a near death experience, I realized that I could hear melodies in everything that “opened” itself to me. Beyond the surface noise of the bubbling brook or the speaking of my interlocutor, this nature, these people had sounds that I could hear.


In spring 2018, 24 piano recordings – I call them fractals – came to life on a grand piano in a transparent membrane cube. For 40 days in total isolation in central Africa’s Namib Desert, the oldest desert in the world.

In California studies, in the summer and fall of 2018, I worked together with film composer David Bertok, to turn these desert fractals into the Desert Symphony mankind.


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