The Sound in you: Orchestrator David Bertok

We were joined by some amazing artists in Bratislava – and we want to introduce some of them to you. After solo cellist Andrej Gál, conductor Vladimir Martinka, violinist Julia and violist Roman Rusnák, we’d like to introduce Desert Symphony orchestrator: David Bertok.

“Creativity and melodic sensitivity”

David Bertok grabs the listeners and viewers on a deep emotional level: with creativity and melodic sensitivity, he plays his scores in their hearts. And that’s no coincidence: Born in Slovakia, he grew up in Munich, studied classical piano at university in Hamburg and film music at the University of Southern California in the USA. In his adopted home of Los Angeles, he quickly made a name for himself as a film composer for movies and TV.

“At 13 years old, I was already buying film scores”

His passion has always been film scores. “At 13 years old, I was already buying film scores – they sat right next to the rock and metal CDs on the shelf. It was the orchestral parts of film scores in particular that affected me,” says the likable musician.

The same was true of the Desert Symphony. Over the course of many sessions, he and Stranger composed a symphonic version for a large orchestra of over 60 musicians from the many piano fractals from the Namib Desert: the Desert Symphony. “Many parts of the symphony sounds pastoral, European, some even sound a bit Eastern, then others sound a bit American,” says David with a smile.

“I wake up with music and go to sleep with music”

When he speaks about music, he grows more and more enthusiastic: “For me, music is everything. Since I was six years old, I have played music all day. I wake up with it, and go to sleep with it. I cannot imagine a life without music.” David is obsessed – for him, music is both a profession and a hobby. “It’s really amazing, and I am so grateful for it.

When asked whether he could imagine spending 40 days alone in the desert, he says with a smile: “I think I would be afraid. I wouldn’t have the courage to be alone with myself, with my thoughts, and to get no feedback from other people. I don’t think I could do that.”

The Sound in you: David Bertok


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