The Sound in you: Violist Roman Rusnák

We were joined by some amazing artists in Bratislava – and we want to introduce some of them to you. After solo cellist Andrej Gál, conductor Vladimir Martinka and violinist Julia, violist Roman Rusnák shares with us his relationship to music in general and to the Desert Symphony.

“Music, to me, means adventure”

Roman Rusnák has loved his instrument, the viola, since he was a child. The exceptional Czech musician studied at two universities, the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. But as a member of Slovak Philharmonic orchestra in Bratislava, he doesn’t just play classical music. “For me, string music is more than just Beethoven or Mozart.”

Roman also regularly plays in the string quartet, “Adventure Strings”. “Music, to me, means adventure” The quartet wants to share the unique music of string instruments with a wider audience. And it does so sometimes in funny ways. The quartet plays, among other things, famous classic songs, rock ballads and popular music from films. “For me, the string quartet is a wonderful addition to the classical orchestra.” Together with other orchestras, they performed soundtracks from famous films like “Pretty Woman”, “Armageddon” and “Gladiator”.

“Music is the language of the world, it comes from God”

On his concert tours, Roman often meets musicians from other countries. For him, music brings people together. “Music is the language of the world, it comes from God”, he says mischievously and reveals that this is exactly what he finds so exciting about the Desert Symphony project. “Playing the Desert Symphony, brought to mind some special moments in my life. I was full of positive emotions, and mostly thought a lot about love for other people.”

There’s one other thing he wants to share: “I am so grateful to my parents and proud of them for giving me everything in life and making it possible for me to have such a good musical education.” A charming and selfless musician. Thank you, Roman, for enriching our project!


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