I do not just want to tell my story. I want to give people the space to tell their own story. Stories in which people followed their own voice. New ways have gone. Have broken rules. Have grown. Because there are so many real impressive stories that should be told!

The story of Michaela Gruber


Who are you?

My name is Michaela, I am 31 years old and I work as a nurse and globetrotter. I would describe myself as adventurous and I also live in close touch with nature. I also love to try and get to know new things. No matter if it is unknown food, cultures or some crazy things.


What is your destiny?

I haven’t found a real “destiny” in my life yet. I also ask myself if everbody needs a big destiny in life. In any case I think I am not destined to live a run-of-the-mine life. I always had the urge to be “different”, to buck the trend and not always fulfil the things, that the society expected from me. Since I started listing to my intuiton – you can also call it my inner sound – my life and my attitude towards special things have changed completly.



When did you decide to follow your inner sound?

In my home country Austria I worked as a nurse for seven years. Every day the same. I like my job, but the concept that it will be like this all my life was daunting. At some point my friends started to marry and became kids. I noticed that I wanted more from life than this way, which the society expected from me: Marriage, Kids, Work. So I requested a year of unpaid leave to travel the world – alone. Armed with a one-way ticket to Uganda and a big dose of optimism my journey started. It was my first backpacking trip, the first time in deep Africa and my first travel alone. The best requirements for the adventure of my life. After two months in East Africa I realized that I wanted to travel more than just a year – I wanted to travel as long as I will have money and fun. I started to love this adventurous life. So I wrote my dismissal.
Since than I felt free for the first time in my life. There was nothing that waits for me. This journey changed me a lot. At the end it has been 2,5 years of travel.
Now I work in Switzerland. I found a good employer, who allows me to work one half of the year and travel the other half. At the moment this is the perfect lifestyle for me. I don’t know what the future will bring to me, because I will continue following my inner sound. And I am sure that life has a lot of surprises and adventure for me.



What have been obstacles on your journey?

Every beginning is hard. I had to hear to my friends, who thought that it is reckless and dangerous to travel alone as a young woman to Africa and how bad it is that I lose some years of my public pension scheme. I’m glad that this didn’t impress me. My parents are open-minded and supported me in every decision. During my trip I was confronted with loneliness. That wasn’t easy at the start. But in the end this changed me in a good way. I am braver, more self-confident and I had a lot of time to think about the sense of life and life by itself.


Are there any parallels between you and the project of the Stranger?

Yes, there are many. Because I traveled alone I also had a lot of time for myself. So I found more and more to myself during my journey. And I started to get to know real freedom and lived it.



How would you encourage other to follow the Sound in them?

Start listening to yourself. What do I want in life? To do so it is good to have time alone. Because when you are surrounded by other and are caught by the daily life, it is hard to hear your inner sound. The best thing is to travel alone for some days or even better go in the nature. You should stop to get influenced by your surrounding, do what you want. You should risk to try new and crazy things. Get out of the comfort zone! I am sure, that no one will regret this decision. Life is full of adventures if you think outside the box.


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