I do not just want to tell my story. I want to give people the space to tell their own story. Stories in which people followed their own voice. New ways have gone. Have broken rules. Have grown. Because there are so many real impressive stories that should be told!

The Story of Steffi and Jens


Who are you?

We are Steffi and Jens, both 31 years old and at the moment we travel the world together. We see us as a team, because everybody has his strengths and weaknesses and we compensate these together. We met 10 years ago and are a couple for six years. Because of our work we have lived in Munich, Berlin and Vienna.


What is your destiny?

Destiny is a strong word and for us it it not easy to answer, because your destiny and your aims can change during your life. At the moment traveling is our destiny, meeting new cultures and lifestyles. We think that we need to widen our horizons to understand what our own destiny means. During our trip we met some people who already follow their destiny and who are doing something for themselves, their family or the environment. The question, that we ask ourselve now is: What can we do for the world? Or what can we give back, so that we are remembered?


When did you decide to follow your inner sound?

In the past years we traveled for three, four weeks and tried to travel every long weekend. After our last holiday in June 2018 we noticed, that we only turn around in a circle, we work to much and don’t use our time and in holiday countries we just went from spot to spot without getting to know the people.


What have been obstacles on your journey?

When you make the decision to leave your well paid job at the age of 30, because you want to travel around the world for more than a year, everybody thinks you are crazy. We live in a time in which social constraints or old norms are upheld and every step out of the mass is being outlawed. The real obstacle starts, when you decide to leave the system, because you will not have an adress on your trip and than starts the debate with assurances and administrative bodies.


Are there any parallels between you and the project of the Stranger?

Of course there are parallels, for example the call for complete freedom. Only when the mind is free, you can make room for new things. We felt this the most in the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. When you are surrounded by white salt and your eye doesn’t have a benchmark to guess the distances.



How would you encourage others to follow the sound in them?

We are both realistic and try to see every situation form differnet point of views. Of course you can’t generalize this, but it widens the field of view and you get to know yourself, if you empathize with the other side. When we talk with friends and try to motivate them, we try to show them different possibilities or show them different point of views for their concern. So if you have something that lies close to your heart, dare to do it, because in your life you are the one that is responsible for the luck and only you can value yourself.


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