I do not just want to tell my story. I want to give people the space to tell their own story. Stories in which people followed their own voice. New ways have gone. Have broken rules. Have grown. Because there are so many real impressive stories that should be told!

The Story of Charlotte Sahm


Who are you?

My name is Charlotte and I will turn 20 soon. I would describe myself as a friendly, open-minded and curious person. I love to travel and to photograph. My greatest weaknesses are my determination, my ambition and my mind. I always knew what I want to do and always had a way in mind. But you need to do detours sometimes or you meet with obstacles, I see myself faced with these problems very often.


What is your destiny?

I am still young, so I would say I haven’t got a real destiny in life yet. At the moment I would say that my destiny is to make my existence precious. As a child I ask myself why I am on this earth and why I am me. Back then I thought I need to make my existence precious for others, that I need to fulfil a purpose and need to accomplish something in life. Today I think that it is about my existence, that I need to make precious for me. When I leave this world I want to go knowing that my time was valuable and that I used it, for me and for others.


When did you start following you inner sound?

Even as child I always knew what I want in life. It changed a lot of course. Sometimes I wanted to become a veterinarian (and I choosed Latin in school for that), sometimes I wanted to become an interior designer. In my mind my way was always predetermined. Since the 9th grade I knew that I want to work in the media sector, because I will get the opportunity to connect with inspiring persons and to experience fascinating stories and in a way I will leave something behind. Especially the theatre sector charmed me, the daily contact with artists gives me a lot. And that is how I make my existence valuable. Maybe I will not earn a lot of money in this sector, but I will like to go to work and will be happy when I get home, that is the most important for me and should be for everyone.
I decided to make my existence valuable after the death of my uncle. I understand that I should not delay everything and that I need to try to live every dream, as far as possible.


What have been obstacles on your journey?

The biggest obstacles are my determination and my ambition. With that comes a mind, that never stops thinking. No matter what I do there is always this alarm in my mind, that stops me. New questions appear every time. A succinct question is, what do others think. I try to change this every day and I hope that one day I am able to turn off this alarm and to be free. Of course you should think about some things, but it often stops me on my journey to give my existence the value I want to give it.



Are there any parallels between your journey and the project of the Stranger?

Basically we are both on the journey to ourselves, in a different kind of way. The connection to nature is a part of my journey as well, because I got a strong connection to Scandinavia, which is full of nature. Let me sit at a fjord or at a lake with red wooden houses and I am happy and can’t stop smiling. Maybe I should get myself a cube and set it up in Norway.


How would you encourage others to follow the Sound in them?

You should always ask yourself how many life time you have. 80 years sounds a lot, but we alle experience every day how fast time goes by. We should you use our time, but not by doing a job we don’t like only to get 4 weeks of vaction every year. I don’t see myself as a role model, because I am also not completely free and don’t follow my inner sound entirely. But for all of you that want to start with it: Don’t turn your inner voice on silent, make it loud. You don’t need to listen to everything at the start. A step to more happiness exist when you do a few things your heart desires. Travel to the places you want to see, meet with the people you like, just enjoy the life in some more moments and maybe it helps you to find out how valuable your life and your time is.


More about Charlotte:

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