I do not just want to tell my story. I want to give people the space to tell their own story. Stories in which people followed their own voice. New ways have gone. Have broken rules. Have grown. Because there are so many real impressive stories that should be told!


This is the story of Nicholas Perreth

Who are you?

My name is Nicholas. I live in Munich and I’m 34 years old. I’m actually a positive person and take everything as it comes. For me there are no bad situations but Onyx opportunities to develop and try something new. I’m always open for new things.


When did you start to follow you sound?

I started doing what I like after an event 15 years ago. I had a tumor in the basin scoop. After that I often had to go to the Hospital. For over ten years. In this time I realized what is really important in life. Also through conversations with other patients, some of whom also died. That has influenced me a lot. They were unhappy and knew that they would die. They worked all their life and did jobs that did not fulfilled them. They only did it for the money. In the end they have always regretted it. That’s what I took from this time. That I want to earn money with things that I like doing. Because then I know that I am doing good work and I am also fulfilled. And at the end of the day I’m satisfied and happy. I think that is more important than having a lot of money.


What is your destiny?

What I have noticed is that I have a motivating effect on others through the disease and surgery and my positive attitude anyway. I’m always happy when I can motivate people to try something new or to rethink a problem. Because they see that I do not have it easy either and still do it. They see that I climb mountains, rode the bike over the Alps and work in a climbing gym. And then maybe they can take a step back and rethink the problem and suddenly everything works. That makes me happy, if I can encourage people to do new things or to go out of the comfort zone. To jump over their own shadow and to to know themselves better. For me the expansion of the comfort zone is always a way to get closer to myself.


What have been obstacles on your journey?

The cancer 2004 was of course an obstacle on my life path. Associated with that hip surgery and chemotherapy. For me these are only ways to grow beyond yourself and get to know yourself better. That’s how I see it with every obstacle. Maybe not to see it as an obstacle, but to see it as an opportunity to stand on it and get an overview of how it can go on. If you are positive and flexible there is nothing you can not handle.


Are there parallels between your way and the project of the Stranger?

I thought a lilt bit about the parallel of my way to the project of the Stranger.  For me the time I spend in the hospital has also been a kind of withdrawal, of course involuntarily. But I also spend a lot of time with myself. You are alone in the bed, although you have your fellow patients but you have to fall asleep alone, get up alone and get well alone. He has voluntarily gone into the desert to find more to himself and to draw new creativity. But whether that was voluntary or involuntary, there is a connection for me. I took a lot of energy from these ten years. Because I noticed what is important and that I just want to have fun in life and enjoy all the things that I can still do.


How would you encourage others to follow the Sound in them?

Just listen to what’s good for you and trust yourself. Don’t listen too much to others, who say do not do that, that’s dangerous. Just if you feel good with something and want to do that then you should do it and not push it in front of you. If you want to do something now, you should do it now and enjoy it as long as possible.


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