I do not just want to tell my story. I want to give people the space to tell their own story. Stories in which people followed their own voice. New ways have gone. Have broken rules. Have grown. Because there are so many real impressive stories that should be told!

The story on Marcella Simone


“Many years ago I found a diary from my childhood. I was eleven years old. Surprisingly I could remember every single word I wrote while reading. A funny feeling: “When I grow up I will go to America and Africa. I will write a book and become famous with the result that I will have enough money and travel as often as I want.” I always had the desire to become free and independent.

My grandmother told me often about humans from all over the world, she told from the Orient, Stories from India, Egypt and she read short stories to me. Meanwhile the flat smacked of joss sticks. I often looked into her books, with colorful leather spines, golden writing, yellowed paper and always that smell… until now I love the smell and bound books. I liked that books and these stories and began to dream and had a clear vision in my mind.

One day I will travel to all these places.



All day long my thoughts have been in fantasy and books. I was convinced, that when I have enough money, I will pack my bag and travel the world by train, just like Huckleberry. But I knew, that I had to earn money so I started an apprenticeship and moved to my own flat. But I got distracted from my dream, life was exhausting and love and responsibility chucked me. It was not as easy as I had imagined and my dreams became paler. My life consisted of club, sport and work, for many years. Again I studied avocational, actually I didn’t know what to do with it, but I climbed the career ladder and could effort my vacations. I could combine travel and work and was every imaginable weekend at the lake or in the mountains.

My prejudice and the dream of freedom escalated and one day I got retrenched.


My first big travel began: I got three months paid holiday and entered a plane to Bangkok at the next day. There it was, the feeling of “I am free”, it was so familiar, even if I had never experienced it. Since I completed my yoga training, I already have been on my spiritual journey and knew that it had to be like this. I decided to go to Asia and went on a pilgrimage through Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia, lived in a convent and loved this (often silent) satisfaction. Month-long I was barefoot and read. However I had to go back. A new job waited, followed by a year full of pain, desire and a break-up. I became the diagnosis breast cancer.

A year with many downs and awareness approached and I discovered surfing. I have been to Fuerteventura for some months and loved the horizon and the distance. To be just for me. Sergio Barbaren wrote about the “Message from the sea” and I followed the sound. It saved me, back on my way. I realized that life gave me a second chance. I decided to leave everything behind and start again. It took me five years before I moved to Munich where nature also enriched my life, a connection between work, mountains and lakes. A beautiful combination of possibilities. The goal was to only work four days a week and live for the rest three days. Year after year I build my freedom, bit by bit I came closer to my dream life.

Until now I am not searching for life, I am wandering, every travel is a chance, my experience, it belongs to me like my heartbeat.


The best decision and that is what makes me happiest, is to make me free again and again, of all possessions and just fly somewhere. To start over and to be free. I got a second chance and am allowed to look at the world with my eyes.

During meditation I begin a new life daily. My home is not a place. My home is my heart and my soul, in a healthy body. Whether I am in Israel, Sweden or Africa, I can discover new cultures, jump into the ocean, that is on the other side of the world too. Freedom and nature is what keeps me breathing.

While I record this dictation I walk barefoot at a little stream behind my house, in Herne and who had thought that North Rhine-Westphalia would be my home some day. Close to the ocean.

Sometimes something has to happen, maybe that’s why I became a coach. I want to preserve others to make everything depend on a circumstance. I want to show others how life can be easy and fulfilled.

I see my life as a journey, I don’t know what’s coming next… but I am sure, that I will follow my heart.”

A text by Marcella Simone.

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