Among the incredible artist that have accompanied us in Bratislava is also the violistin Julia. Today she will tell us about her feelings when it comes to the desert symphony.

„He could feel the music in his body, whithout hearing it“

Julia is studying at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava and is playing as a proxy in many different orchestras. She is hoping to become a permanent member of the orchestra one day.

„I think that every artist is fascinated by a project like “STRANGER”. Back in the 19th century, writer and philosopher Henry David Thorea, who dispised the modern movement, moved into a hut he had built in the woods surrounding Walden pond in the summer of 1845 and lived there for two years.

Julia smiles, fascinated and adds: „He discovered many interesting sounds and above all, he could feel music in his body without hearing it. I would love to make the same experience; It’s very similar to the stranger project in the desert. “

The Sound in you: violinist Julia


„With repetion the emotions start to surface“

All musicians sight-read the desert symphony for the recording in the concert hall in Bratislava. For Julia that doesn’t really involve big emotions: „During the recording I have to focus fully on the musical scores. Only with repition the emotions start to surface.

And only than can I fully grasp what the composer wants to express with his music. I feel his personality. And that’s when the first images start forming. I have never been in the desert myself, but I imagine vaste, magnificent landscapes.“