Incredible artists have accompanied us in Bratislava – some of whom we’d like to introduce to you here. Today we’d like for conductor Vladimir Martinka to tell you his story.

„I would ask myself a lot of questions“

Vladimir Martinka is a very versatile musician, conductor and composer. Due to his experience as classical concert pianist and chamber musician as well as his music and film studies at the Deutsche Filmakademie, the Bostom Conservatory & Berklee College of Music and the New Yorker Filmmusikinstitut, his musical repertoire is very comprehensive.

„Among other things I am a musician and composer for documentaries and commercials. I mainly conduct , performances of film music with large tone layers. With #TheSoundInYou I primdarily hear and see the vastness of the desert.

“How I feeld the sound within me depends on whether I am conducting or composing. And first and foremost on the type of film project that I am working on. There are different departments in me and I always get out something different.”

Could the Slovak imagine being isolated in the desert for such a period of time?

“If I were to be in a place for 40 days, composing music I assume that a lot of different thoughts would arise. I would start philosophizing and probably start asking myself a lot of questions. Something like: Why am I doing this? Am I supposed to be doing this?

“We are a great team”

As a founder, manager and conductor of the Prague and Bratislava Studio Orechstra he often records concerts at the Slovak Radio Building.

„The sound in this concert hall is very lively, the acoustics very open. Most of the time the musician play the pieces for the very first time: they have never heard or rehearsed them before. So that’s definately a challenge – recording the desert symphony that is over an hour in only two days.

This is only possible, because I know most of the musicians from many prior concert recordings. We are a great teame, especially when working with David Bertok as orechstrator. We usually agree quickly on how to interpret the different motivs.”

„Musik is a painting with feelings“

Vladimir sees a great future for the musical project desert symphony.

“If we perform this concert live, we will have to rehears of course, to ensure everything is running smoothly. Because we can’t  replay like with the recordings. And that will give the whole symphony yet another mood.”

And than Vladimir starts romanicizing. “This music is a painting with feelings, that a composer has left for us in form of a musical book. Our task is to re-read it and to bring this painting with all its feelings on stage. That’s exactly what I am trying to do with the orechstra and that’s what’s so special about my job.”