In Bratislava we have been accompanied by such incredible artists – and we want to introduce some of them to you. It starts with solo cellist Andrej Gál.


“Music fills me”


“For me, the cello is like a beautiful woman who does not grow older but gets younger and younger with time.” Andrej adds with a smile: “And even more delicate, more delicate and even more graceful”. That’s how he describes his instrument. The sympathetic Slovak has studied at the State Conservatory in Bratislava and has been playing for several years in well-known international orchestras such as the Slovak Chamber Orchestra. Music is everything for him in his life, he says. He lives from her, she heals him, she makes him happy. She fulfills him completely.


The Sound in You: Cellist Andrej Gál



“Romantic music by Tchaikovsky”


When one observes Andrej in the orchestra, one thing stands out: he gives himself completely to the cello playing of the music – with his whole body he resonates with the music. If you look him in the eye, you might think he is floating in another world. When asked if he likes this kind of music, he answers: “Such questions are always very difficult to answer. I actually like all kinds of music. I also play many different directions. For me, the desert symphony is a mixture of film music and classical music. In particular, I hear in it the romantic music of Tchaikovsky in some places. “