People often think that being inspired is about sitting around waiting for ideas to come to you. Indeed, that can happen occasionally. Sometimes though,we find ourselves wandering around, we see an image or hear a fragment of music that sticks in our head. Suddenly you feel excited, your heart is racing and you feel the heat rushing through your veins. Your head is busting with inspiration. This leads you to grab a piece of paper and start scribbling down your ideas.

Searching and finding inspiration

How often did you find yourself filled with adrenaline and ideas after listening to a song, watching a movie or reading a compelling story? We want to share that inspiration, let it flow into our thoughts and creativity and create something new. But often it’s royalties and copyright that slow us down.

HeStranger – Inspiration without barriers

The music from the desert of Namibia  is different. It is free! Free of barriers, free of license fees and free of copyrights.

Hence you can not only listen to the fractals of the symphony on SoundCloud, but also download them: Get inspired, build them into your own work – whether this might be a film, music piece or another piece of art. It can be a seed, a part of the whole. Everything and nothing!

Here is the channel on SoundCloud, where the fractals are published.

Now it’s up to you!

HeStranger – Follow the quest to #TheSoundinYou