Inspire and be inspired – #theSoundinyou

Please save the Arctic! Greenpeace had staged a performance together with the famous Italian pianist Ludovico Einaudi: A piano is standing on an ice floe in the Arctic. Behind him is the Wahlenbergbreen Glacier in Svalbard, Norway, which is slowly melting. What initially looks like an artist’s installation is in fact a political action.

HeStranger – a cube and a piano in Namib

Who is HeStranger? He is no one, he is everyone.
Is it a political action as well? It’s a creative appeal.

He set out on a quest in search of answers. Following his inner sound of music, he realized there is no need for questions. Now encouraging the world to follow. To listen, to trust, to learn.

His first quest takes him and his piano to Namib. A place of perceptibly nothing – to make room for answers.

HeStranger – #TheSoundinyou

He starts his 40-day-quest in November 2018 – sharing it with you on a daily basis.

Follow him on his quest.
Share it. Embrace it. Participate. #theSoundinyou